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Traders home work -

1. Preparation of watch list

Calls for 18 August 2014
Bought RANBAXY@605/LOSS@605
Bought SBIN@2405/Profit @ 2424
Bought AxisBank@391.50/Profit@394.50
Bought BPCL@446/Profit@653
Bought NIFTYFUTURE @ 7833/ Profit@7903

Calls for 14 August 2014
Sold TATASTEEL@529/Loss@531
Sold SBIN@2370/booked flat
Bought ICICIBANK@1480/Profit@1482
Bought TATASTEEL@538/Profit@545
Bought RANBAXY@598/Profit@602

Calls for 13 August 2014
Sold JPASSOCIAT@58/profit@52.50   (gain 9.50%-intraday)
Sold TATA STEEL@538/Profit@535
Sold BANKINDIA@269/Profit@266
Sold IRB@243/Profit@236
Sold NIFTYFUTURE@7771/Loss@7781

Calls for 12 August 2014
Sold TATAMOTORS@476/Profit@470
Sold TATASTEEL@538/Profit@535
Sold BHEL220CA@7.25/Loss@8.15
Sold SBIN@2410/Loss@2425
Sold NIFTYFUTURE@7680/Loss@7700
Sold NIFTYFUTURE@7715/Loss@7722
Calls for 11 August 2014
BUY SAIL@82.20/Booked flat
BUY M&M@1279/profit@1287
BUY M&M@1291/Profit@1303
BUY M&M@1313/Profit@1318
Sold TATSTEEL@535/Loss@537
Sold TATASTEEL@537/profit@532

Calls for 08 August 2014
Sold TATASTEEL@548/Profit@541
Sold JUBLFOOD@1117/Loss@1125
Calls for 07 August 2014
Sold TATASTEELFUT@558/Loss@562

Calls for 06 August 2014
BUY IBREALEST@79/Loss@78.60
Sold TATASTEEL@557/Profit@550
Sold TATAMOTORS@448/Profit@447
Sold NIFTYFUTURE@7722/Loss@7742
Sold NIFTYFUTURE@7735/running @ 7690
Calls for 05 August 2014
Sold DLF@200/profit@199
Sold BHEL@224/Loss@226.50
Bought HDIL@98/Profit@100
Sold NIFTYFUTURE@7730/Profit@7675
Sold BANKNIFTY FUTURE@15260/Loss@15320

Calls for 04 August 2014
Sold DLF@201.50/Profit@197.50
Sold TATAMOTORS@446/Loss@448
Sold TATASTEEL@548/Loss@549
Sold NIFTYFUTURE@7680/Loss@7800

Calls for 01 August 2014
SELL ONGC@392/Profit@387
SELL TATAMOTORS@452/Profit@440
SELL DLF@202/Profit@198

Calls for 31 July 2014
Buy TATASTEEL@545/Profit@556
Buy IRB@256/Booked flat
Buy DLF@202/Booked flat
Sold BHEL@230.50/Profit@228
Sold JPASSOCIAT@59.50/Profit@58.40
Sold NIFTY FUTURE@7810/running@7750

Calls for 30 July 2014
Sold TATA STEEL@547/Profit@541
Sold TATA MOTORS@452/Profit@448
BUY ARVIND AUGFUT @228/high-242+
BUY TATAMOTORS@450/Profit@453
Sold NIFTYFUT@7770/Loss@7790

Calls for 28 July 2014

Sold TATAMOTORS@464/Profit@454
Sold JPASSOCIAT@61.30/Profit@60.40
Sold ICICI BANK@1456/Profit@1451
Sold TATA STEEL@549/Profit@548
Sold NIFTY FUTURE@7810/Profit@7775

Calls for 25 July 2014

Sold TATAMOTORS@480/Profit@472
Sold TATAMOTORS@470/Profit@460
Sold JPASSOCIATE@63.10/profit@59.10
Sold BHEL@228/Profit@226
Sold RCOM@134/Profit@131
Sold NIFTY FUTURE@7820/Profit@7770


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28 August 2014: Stock Chart Analysis for intraday – RCOM, TATAMOTORS and LUPIN
RCOM (116.15)
Buy above 118/ SL 117/Target-120-121|| Sell below 115/ SL 116.50/ Target 113-110
Buy above 524/ SL 521/ Target 530-535 ||Sell below 518/ SL 521/ Target 513-508
LUPIN (1289.65)
Buy above 1309/SL 1303/ Target 1340 ||Sell below 1284/ SL 1292/ Target 1270-1250

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27 August 2014: Nifty Elliott wave analysis: Just a day away from derivative expiry and today is 13th day from the recent low of 7540 levels.  Technical resistance zone will be 7930-7940 and then at 7970 only if not 8000. Wolfe wave is still alive!!!  

You must read previous articles and watch the given chart carefully to understand this article completely.

niftyFor 27 August 2014: -

On 26 August 2014, FII Bought INR 364.72 crs and DII Sold INR 259.18 crs

We are just a day away from derivative expiry and I mostly avoid these days for trading. We have a coincidence for the day, today is 13th trading session from recent low of 7540. I still believe that Wolfe wave will play its role below 7850 but where is 7850 now. It has saved even yesterday and closed above 7900 levels.

Take a note that market has done nothing from past six trading sessions except ranging at 7900 here and there. It is just making things tougher for traders to conclude. Unless it breaks 7850 it will not easy to say even for top. It is surely going to be wild for two trading sessions, one is today and another is tomorrow.

Option mechanism is suggesting for strong support to emerge at 7800 which has higher open interest but this view may change at the breaks 7850 on Nifty spot. On higher side 7930 and 7970 should still be a tougher resistance to trade.

For today’s trading once again, I will prefer to watch for levels of 7850. Yesterday’s low was 7862. I have already expressed my view that break below 7850 will give alarming signal for fall. We have seen some bleeding mid cap stocks in past few weeks. It has added few more names yesterday. This kind of phenomenon should result a top on blue-chip indices too. I will not able to name level as top unless Nifty breaks 7850.

Please visit our ‘intraday updates’ to get further updates or to take good advantage join paid services.

Strategy for Nifty September future – Nifty September future has a low at 7906 yesterday. It bounced at a time when it was looking for a drag below 7900. It has hit a high at 8015 two days back. Pattern analysis is suggesting for a possible pullback again from a high point on intraday levels. It will face resistance at 7980 and then at 8020. Take a note that it may opening 25-30 points higher.  

S&P 500 (USA) – S&P chart is still bullish but a short term pull back it still due. Remember that now it is 100 points up move without any price correction so it may give a correction now before moving higher. It is just running higher and higher with higher top. If it breaks 1990 in the lower side then it will be a confirmation for short top. I still believe that US indices are running near short term top itself but it just needs few definitions.