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Traders home work -

1. Preparation of watch list


Calls for 24 July 2014
Sold TATASTEEL@558/loss@559
Sold RCOM@134/booked flat
Sold NIFTYFUTURE@7792/Loss@7810

Calls for 23 July 2014

Buy ICICIBANK@1509/loss@1506
Buy BIOCON@522/Loss@520
Sold TATASTEEL@558/Profit@553
Sold BHEL@234.20/Profit@233.80

Calls for 22 July 2014

Buy RANBAY@567/Loss@566
Sold TATASTEEL@562/Profit@559
Buy TATAMOTORS@486/Profit@488
SOLD NIFTYFUT@7705/Loss@7725

Calls for 21 July 2014

Sold RCOM@130.50/Loss@131.50
Sold TATA STEEL@566/Profit@563.50
Sold DLF@216/booked flat
Sold NIFTY FUTURE@7700/Profit@7695

Calls for 18 July 2014

Sold MCDOWELL@2380/Loss@2385
Sold MCDOWELL@2382/Loss@2385
Sold RCOM@130.50/profit@129.25
BUY AXISBANK@1985/profit@2000+

Calls for 17 July 2014

Sold DLF@223/Loss@223.50
NIFTY FUTURE-Sold@7645/loss7657

Calls for 16 July 2014

Sold RCOM@128.25/Loss@129.25
Sold TATASTEEL@528/Loss@531
Sold RCOM@128.80/Loss@129.50
BUY TATASTEEL@540/Profit@545
NIFTY FUTURE-Short@7555/Loss@7565
NIFTY FUTURE-Short@7552/Loss@7559
NIFTY FUTURE-Buy@7630/Profit@7655

Call for 15 July 2014

NIFTY FUTURE-BTST@7470/profit@7525
NIFTY FUTURE-Short@7525/Profit@7475
NIFTY FUTURE-Short@7490/loss@7500
TATAMOTORS FUT-STBT@458/profit@463

Call for 14 July 2014

Sold ADANIENT@416/Profit@412
Sold JPASSOCIAT@62/Loss@62.50
Bought TATASTEEL@509/Profit@515
Bought JPASSOCIAT@62.80/Profit@63.60
Bought TATAMOTORS@449/Profit@458

Call for 11 July 2014

Bought Nifty Future@7610/loss@7590
Bought INFY @ 3380/loss @ 3360
Short RCOM @ 126/Profit @ 123.25
Short JPASSOCIAT@65/profit@63.25
Short JPASSOCIAT@63/profit@61.85
Short NIFTY Future@7600/profit@7520
Bought NIFTY Fuure@7620/Loss@7595
Bought TATAMOTORS@448/Loss@446

Calls for 10 July 2014

CAN BANK-Long from 416 to 409(Loss)
CAN BANK-Long from 396 to 419
TATA MOTORS-Long from 455 to 466
TATA MOTORS-Short from 467 to 452
NIFTY FUTURE-Long from 7600 to 7570(Loss)
NIFTY FUTURE-Long from 7540 to 7680
NIFTY FUTURE-Short from 7733 to 7543(Run)

Calls for 09 July 2014

GMRINFRA-Short from 28.60 to 26.60
JPASSOCIAT-Short from 66 to 65
RCOM-Short from 136.50 to 134.50
IRB-Long from 247 to 251
CANBANK-Long from 422 to 425
TATAMOTORS-Long from 460 to 462
RCOM-Short from 132 to 129.50
NIFTY Future (Posiitonal)-7770 to 7590
NIFTY Future- Long forn 7620 to 7640
NIFTY Future- Long fron 7615 to 7645

Calls for 08 July 2014

IRB-Long from 271 to 272.50
CESC-Short from 769 to 709
MCDOWELL-Short from 2400 to 2330
RELIANCE-Short from 1017 to 994
ONGC-Short from 409 to 397
RCOM-Short from 140 to 137.50
NIFTY FUTURE-Short from 7770 to 7750
NIFTY FUTURE-Short again from 7770 and running

Calls for 07 July 2014

BHARATFORGE- Short from 675 to 663
UCOBANK-Short at 112.75,flat
MCDOWELL-Short from 2410 to 2390
LT-Short from 1245,loss at 1248
NIFTY FUTURE- SHORT FROM 7790, Booked flat.

Calls for 04 July 2014

NIFTY FUT - short from 7550/low 7677
TATASTEEL-Short from 541 to 534
CANBANK-Short from 443 to 439
RELIANCE-Long from 1021 to 1035
ICICI BANK- Long from 1460 to 1464

Calls for 03 July 2014
NIFTY FUT - short from 7550 to 7735
RANBAXY-long from 525 to 542
RCOM - Short from 145 to 142.50
TATA MOTORS - Long from 465 to 472
TATASTEEL-Short from 541 to 538

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 25 July 2014 : Three free stock analysis for the day :

TATA MOTORS (485.25)
SELL BELOW 483/ SL 485/ TARGET 480 > 477|| BUY ABOVE 488/ SL 486/ TARGET 492<495

RCOM (134.55)
SELL BELOW 134/ SL 135.50/ TARGET 132>130|| BUY ABOVE 137/ SL 136/ TARGET 139-140

ICICIBANK (1506.40)
SELL BELOW 1490/ SL 1496/ TARGET 1470|| BUY ABOVE 1514/ SL 1506/ TARGET 1540

25 July 2014: Nifty Elliott wave analysis: Once goes above 7809, it may hint for a move towards 7860 but this is not a compulsion. Mid cap, small cap and 33 Nifty stocks has underperformed in recent rise.  Most important support = 7750!!!

You must read previous articles and watch the given chart carefully to understand this article completely.

niftyFor 25 July 2014: -

On 24 July 2014, FII Bought INR 282.44 crs and DII Sold INR 290.35 crs

Nifty has broken 7809 marks and goes with support of charting formation. Once it was above 7660, it was already hinting for 7860 as next move although it was against Elliott wave move. From past 7808 to this time at 7808+ almost 33 Nifty stocks has underperformed the move. Mid cap and small cap stocks are already under performing. Hence, bulls are also not feeling like party time.

This is happening almost everywhere in the world. What I mean to say is that everywhere in the world mid cap stocks has underperformed in past one month. Take a note that new all-time high is not a guarantee of rise. Charting target is still at 7860 but I am sceptical towards trades. This rise is coming from 7422 and stretched by 400 points.

nifty_midcapI suggest starting the day in neutral mode. Technically it is still a buy as long as it is above 7809 levels. Crucial trading support for short term move will be at 7770 to 7750. Momentum indicators are not justifying the rise and hence we may be near to top either now or very soon.

Please visit our ‘intraday updates’ to get further updates or to take good advantage join paid services.

Strategy for Nifty July future – Nifty July future is giving a hint for opening at 7830 levels which must be flat. As long as it is above 7800, it can extend rise near to 7860 and then we may see a top formation. If it goes below 7800 sooner then we may say that top may go for misguide or pullback? I still say, do not buy pullback as one pullback will come to trap bulls too. Most protecting level to save this up trend is 7750.

S&P 500 (USA) – These are soft trading days with small magnitude of rise. It hit another new all-time high at 1991. It is still looking for a move towards psychological 2000 marks. As far as it is above 1950, it will just head higher. There are no great technical levels to explain. Only one formation can have some meaning from current levels and that level is 1950. Small trading reversal may appear below 1978. So far, it looks up for 2000 marks.