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Traders home work -

1. Preparation of watch list

Calls for 01 August 2014
SELL ONGC@392/Profit@387
SELL TATAMOTORS@452/Profit@440
SELL DLF@202/Profit@198

Calls for 31 July 2014
Buy TATASTEEL@545/Profit@556
Buy IRB@256/Booked flat
Buy DLF@202/Booked flat
Sold BHEL@230.50/Profit@228
Sold JPASSOCIAT@59.50/Profit@58.40
Sold NIFTY FUTURE@7810/running@7750

Calls for 30 July 2014
Sold TATA STEEL@547/Profit@541
Sold TATA MOTORS@452/Profit@448
BUY ARVIND AUGFUT @228/high-242+
BUY TATAMOTORS@450/Profit@453
Sold NIFTYFUT@7770/Loss@7790

Calls for 28 July 2014

Sold TATAMOTORS@464/Profit@454
Sold JPASSOCIAT@61.30/Profit@60.40
Sold ICICI BANK@1456/Profit@1451
Sold TATA STEEL@549/Profit@548
Sold NIFTY FUTURE@7810/Profit@7775

Calls for 25 July 2014

Sold TATAMOTORS@480/Profit@472
Sold TATAMOTORS@470/Profit@460
Sold JPASSOCIATE@63.10/profit@59.10
Sold BHEL@228/Profit@226
Sold RCOM@134/Profit@131
Sold NIFTY FUTURE@7820/Profit@7770

Calls for 24 July 2014
Sold TATASTEEL@558/loss@559
Sold RCOM@134/booked flat
Sold NIFTYFUTURE@7792/Loss@7810

Calls for 23 July 2014

Buy ICICIBANK@1509/loss@1506
Buy BIOCON@522/Loss@520
Sold TATASTEEL@558/Profit@553
Sold BHEL@234.20/Profit@233.80

Calls for 22 July 2014

Buy RANBAY@567/Loss@566
Sold TATASTEEL@562/Profit@559
Buy TATAMOTORS@486/Profit@488
SOLD NIFTYFUT@7705/Loss@7725

Calls for 21 July 2014

Sold RCOM@130.50/Loss@131.50
Sold TATA STEEL@566/Profit@563.50
Sold DLF@216/booked flat
Sold NIFTY FUTURE@7700/Profit@7695

Calls for 18 July 2014

Sold MCDOWELL@2380/Loss@2385
Sold MCDOWELL@2382/Loss@2385
Sold RCOM@130.50/profit@129.25
BUY AXISBANK@1985/profit@2000+

Calls for 17 July 2014

Sold DLF@223/Loss@223.50
NIFTY FUTURE-Sold@7645/loss7657

Calls for 16 July 2014

Sold RCOM@128.25/Loss@129.25
Sold TATASTEEL@528/Loss@531
Sold RCOM@128.80/Loss@129.50
BUY TATASTEEL@540/Profit@545
NIFTY FUTURE-Short@7555/Loss@7565
NIFTY FUTURE-Short@7552/Loss@7559
NIFTY FUTURE-Buy@7630/Profit@7655

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01 August 2014 : Three free stock analysis for the day :

SELL BELOW 58.20/ SL 58.70/ TARGET 56-55|| BUY ABOVE 59.50/ SL 59.25/ TARGET 61

RCOM (135.05)
SELL BELOW 134/ SL 135/ TARGET 132-130|| BUY ABOVE 137/ SL 136/ TARGET 139-141

IRB (257.55)
SELL BELOW 252/ SL 258/ TARGET 240-230|| BUY ABOVE 262/ SL 257/ TARGET 272-275

01 August 2014: Nifty Elliott wave analysis: US market sell off came with confirmation of short term top on many global indices. NIFTY – immediate support at 7660. If breaks then Friday may end at 7600 too.

You must read previous articles and watch the given chart carefully to understand this article completely.

For 01 August 2014: -

niftyOn 31 July 2014, FII Sold INR 1654.86 crs and DII Bought INR 1420.36 crs

So, it was a wild expiry yesterday. I was expecting this since morning as it never even able to cross Wednesday’s high point. Practically Nifty has never even above 7800. It saw massive selling in post 2 pm trades. It should not be a shock. FIIs were selling in cash market. We had many negative divergences with weak global cues. Mid cap and small cap indices were under performing.

Now, with this morning I am seeing that Dow Jones Industrial Average were down over 310 point. This may make an impact of at least 50 points gap down if not bigger than those. So, it is the time again to talk about the technical support of 7660. If it breaks and sustain even below 7660 then it will be a high stress time for bulls. Elliott wave chart has failed to define a top few days back but practically market never moved in term of direction. It has just violated technical figures only and cycle remains same. Perhaps, this is the reason that we are not selling decisive up side even after new all-time high.  

If you do not have shorts from yesterday then do not add short at low. Wait for pull back. I had shorts which I like to hold. I have already given my view for top and stated that July top may remain top for some time.

For today’s session, we may get gap down and immediate support will be at 7660. It can either bounce from 7660 or break 7660 to hit 7600 also. This Friday may have much pain for bulls if it breaks and close below 7660. I still say, short pullback. We may see end of Bull Run in short term. Now, do not even think to buy falling knife on mid cap and small cap stocks.

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Strategy for Nifty August future – Nifty August future will take a gap down. Dip is acceptable as long as it is coming near 7700 levels (which will also give me nearly 100 points of gain on my short). If it breaks 7700 and sustain then I will again plan to hold for something more if not then I will plan to book for once. Below 7700, another massive crash will come. Short pullback.

S&P 500 (USA) – I was definitely expecting this from past many days. My waiting turned irritated and it finally came yesterday night. It closed with a fall of almost 40 points and coming to technical support at 1930 ranges. I have shorts from 1980 ranges which is too old to say that I am enjoying short. Now, if it breaks 1925 then prepare for a move towards 1900 levels. I feel that I have a confirmation for short term top and this may be medium term top too. Use pullback to short only and do not add fresh short at these low.